Working from Home



Homeowners and residents are entering the marketplace with a more complex set of
demands and desires. We are now living in the connected digital age. The world has
changed. Information is available in an instant and a smartphone is part of daily life.

Our understanding of technology and expectations of what the future holds is vast. Change
happens quickly and we expect instant feedback. People are connected digitally on a range
of different platforms, each one serving a unique purpose.

Expectations are that most things should be predicted before they happen, customer
experience is seamless and doesn’t require interaction with another person.

Technology plays such a huge part in our lives, from monitoring health to managing
finances. Why would our expectations for a home be any different?

MyGlobalHome’s ULTRA™ technology provides a way for homes to look after residents. It
provides in-home technology that creates more efficient, sustainable, and healthier ways of
living, controlled with ease to suit each resident’s individual needs and preferences.